Thursday, April 16, 2015

Late-Appearing Car Accident Injuries Still Covered

If you’ve ever been involved in an accident of any kind, you know that you have a basic understanding of your condition after an accident. In other words, you can tell whether you are OK or if something is wrong. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when it comes to car accident injuries.

Even minor car accidents generate a lot of force which places a significant amount of stress on joints, ligaments, the neck, or other parts of the body. While you may not feel the effects of the stress immediately, you may begin to experience symptoms several weeks or even months after your car accident.

Fortunately, even late-appearing car accident injuries are still covered by personal injury compensation. The trick here is to know how the claims process works, something your personal injury attorney can do for you. This is important because the timing of your injuries and your claim can spell the difference between a successful claim and a rejected claim.

Before you agree to talk to an insurance company, be sure to consult and present the results of your medical check up to an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies will often try to contact you as soon as they possibly can in an attempt to get you to sign a release. Do not be eager to sign. If you sign the release and a late-appearing car accident injury manifests itself afterwards, you may not be able to file for additional compensation.

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