Thursday, April 2, 2015

Call a Lawyer for Construction Accident Cases

Construction work can result in accidents that restrict your earning potential. Unfortunately, construction accidents account for a large number of workers’ injury and fatality in the country. Here are the top causes of construction accidents:

Accidental Falls

Falling is the most frequent cause, usually due to equipment or wires lying around, dusty or slippery floors, and holes that weren’t properly covered or marked. Work safety personnel or maintenance crew are the people in charge of keeping construction sites clear of safety hazards.

Scaffolding Accidents

A good number of construction workers spend much time in structures located hundreds of meters aboveground, and are all prone to falling risks. Weak or damaged scaffolding is a recipe for danger. Scaffolding needs to be regularly checked and maintained, and every worker needs to have safety gear to protect them in case they fall.

Machinery Accidents

Construction sites naturally have heavy equipment and machinery like cranes and motorized machines, which are operated daily. Workers must have adequate training to handle these machines and should be taught proper safety precautions.


Unfortunately, this is an accident that happens often although it can be easily prevented. Ideally, electric wiring should be kept out of high-traffic and open areas, properly labeled and insulated, and workers should be made aware of their location.

Get duly compensated for these accidents by calling a lawyer ASAP.

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