Friday, April 28, 2017

Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers and Other Important Tips When Pursuing a Claim for Compensation

A personal injury case involves a claimant who has incurred a severe injury resulting from the negligence or carelessness of another party. As a result of the injury, the claimant’s overall health diminish over a period of time, subsequently impairing the claimant’s ability to sustain his or her livelihood, both physically and financially.

Determination of accountability and liability are two of the most important aspects of a personal injury claim, because the party identified as the responsible one for the injury will be ordered to pay up by the court. Because a claim can easily cost up to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the victim’s injury, the liable party can certainly be expected to fight tooth and nail in its counter to said claim.

Following are some basic tips to steer your case in a successful direction, should you ever need to consider the services of personal injury lawyers in a claim for compensation. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qPCiMI

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Different Kinds of Cases Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You With

Getting involved in an accident because of your own fault is one thing, but if it’s due to another party’s carelessness or negligence, it becomes a different matter altogether. In such cases, you can seek the help of a personal injury lawyer to file for compensation. There are a wide variety of cases that fall under the category of personal injury. Here are some of the more common ones that you can approach your lawyer for if ever you do get involved in one.

Vehicular Accidents

In Los Angeles, there was a sharp increase in the number of vehicular accident fatalities in 2016. 260 people lost their lives in the streets of L.A. that year, representing an alarming 43% rise from the previous year. This trend appears to continue as crash fatalities in the county is already 22% higher compared to the same period last year. It is surprising considering that Mayor Garcetti, along with the other city leaders, launched the Vision Zero policy in 2016, which aims to minimize accidents on the road. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qPHfoH

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Wrongful Death Lawyer Explains the Factors Which Affect the Outcome of a Case

When wrongful death claims are filed, the victim’s relatives cannot be sure they will be awarded the compensation they deserve. This is because there are both measurable factors that affect a claim outcome, and factors dependent on how the judge and jury they perceive the case.

By understanding how claim outcomes and compensation are decided, you’ll know what to expect when your case goes to trial.

Can Negligence be Proven?

Whether compensation of any kind is to be awarded or not depends on whether your lawyer can prove that the death was caused as a result of someone else’s negligence or intent to do harm. If this can’t be shown through the evidence provided, there’s no possibility of a claim being successful. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2pPkP2S

Know Your Legal Options for Compensation through a Construction Accident Lawyer

In 2016, the Center for Construction Research and Training released a report showing that as much as 15.7% of all construction injuries were due to exposure. This pertains to a lack of proper safety wear and being in harm’s way of falling tools or other equipment.

Ideally, construction site workers are supposed to adhere to a strict set of guidelines that will prevent them from being harmed. Sometimes, though, instances such as slips and falls simply cannot be prevented, even if the worker does observe all safety measures. Depending on the severity of the injury, however, their health and livelihood can be put at risk. Meanwhile, the costs of medication and treatment continue to pile up, putting a strain on finances. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2qPCjjS

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Wrongful Death Attorney Explains the Intricacies of Making a Claim

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, no matter what the circumstances may be. However, in a wrongful death case, there is a sense of injustice that must be dealt with as a victim is taken before their natural time.

Every year, over 90,000 wrongful deaths occur as a result of medical malpractice. Even more shocking is the fact that this figure doesn’t even include the numbers from other causes. There are many intricacies involved in making wrongful death claims that this guide aims to clarify.

How Does a Wrongful Death Claim Work?

Several factors must be present for someone to proceed with a wrongful death lawsuit. Firstly, a person must have lost his life as a result of another person’s negligence. Secondly, there must be surviving family members who are dealing with financial hardship as a result of the death. Finally, there must be a representative appointed to deal with the deceased person’s estate. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2pPtAdp

Answering 4 Common Questions About Google’s Local Listing Services

The great thing about Google is that it offers many useful online marketing tools for free—including local listing services. But if this is your first time setting up a listing for your dealership, you’re bound to have quite a few questions. Some of the most likely ones you’ll encounter are answered below.

Uh-oh, someone else has claimed my listing. What do I do?

You decide to create your Google MyBusiness account, but as you’re claiming your dealership, Google tells you that “someone has already verified this listing.” What’s a car dealer to do? Luckily, all’s not lost—you can ask to reclaim the listing by sending a request to Google. Google will attempt to get in touch with the current owner of the listing, and if there is no response within seven days, it will un-verify the account. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2pZk4oc

Instances When You Will Need to Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

Sometimes, however, despite the necessary precautions taken, accidents can still occur. It could be falling debris from the crane, a slip and fall on the site, or a mechanical malfunction gone horribly wrong.

For the victims of these accidents, the injuries sustained will certainly cost a great deal of time and financial resources to fully recover. In the meantime, however, the expenses for treatment and rehabilitation continue to pile up, putting a financial strain on the victim and their family.

How an Attorney can Help

A construction accident attorney primarily helps you seek compensation for damages resulting from worksite accidents. If you are a worker on the site, it can prove particularly tricky to handle because you may have signed a worker’s compensation agreement prejudicial to you and relevant to the waiver of liability by the employee, in case an accident occurs. Your lawyer will be in the best position to determine what possible legal remedies you may seek in order to pursue a claim for compensation. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2rp4mDA

Monday, April 24, 2017

Let Brain Injury Attorneys Fight for Compensation for Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, about 1.7 million people suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year in the United States. Out of this number, as many as 52,000 succumb to the injuries, while another 275,000 are sent to the hospital for further care and treatment.

The causes of TBI are varied, ranging from a simple case of slip and fall or a more sinister criminal act. It could also occur while playing sports or as a result of a vehicular accident. Whatever the reasons may be, what is undeniable are the severe consequences that come with such injuries. If you suffer a head injury, you should not have to worry about getting the person who caused it to accept responsibility; you should hire brain injury attorneys instead. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2rparQx

Deal With Insurance Companies Correctly Before Contacting a Truck Accident Attorney

The number of truck crashes across the United States every year is shockingly high, with an estimated 342,000 trucks being involved in police reported traffic accidents. Worse, these accidents have altered and claimed the lives of thousands of individuals. In 2013 alone, over 95,000 people were injured in truck accidents, while 3,964 people lost their lives.

The legal process can be confusing if you’re involved in a truck accident. You’ll be dealing with the company’s insurers rather than the driver, and they’re likely to try placing blame on the victim to avoid paying out for a claim.

As you’ll likely be speaking to the insurance company before you contact an attorney, it’s important to detail every conversation you have with them. Your communications with the company could provide useful details that will help win your case. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2raVhkL

Friday, April 21, 2017

Online Reputation Management Packages Contain Useful Insight in Handling Fake Reviews

You’re used to getting glowing reviews from customers, but one day may come when you log in to Yelp or Foursquare to find a negative comment about your dealership. But more than giving an unfavorable assessment of your business, the review could be a flat-out lie.

What do you do in this scenario? Learn how to deal with online trolls through the tips below.

Do Your Research First

Even if the review is very derogatory, don’t immediately assume that it’s fake. Do your due diligence first by seeing if there is indeed any merit to the person’s complaints. Likewise, do a background check of sorts on the person who gave the negative review. Giveaways that indicate that this person might be a troll include a history of leaving vicious reviews. Oftentimes, they also have thin personal information and a penchant for leaving positive reviews for your competitors.

If you ever see the need to seek the help of professionals, digital marketing firms with online reputation management packages can effectively help you address those bad reviews and comments. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2q06Szj

Instances When You Will Need the Immediate Assistance of a Brain Injury Attorney

If the accident or resulting injury was to due to another party’s negligence, hire a brain injury attorney to help you seek appropriate compensation.

Knowing who should be held responsible is the easy part. Establishing a case proving such liability, which is the next step, is going to be tricky because for sure, the other party will try to deny accountability.

Then, there is the matter of putting monetary value on the injury and its consequences. There may be instances when the liable party will want to settle out of court instead, and will also try to negotiate the amount of compensation. Whether you end up in court or in the negotiation room, you will definitely need the help of a brain injury attorney. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2qPJWXG

A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Explains the Science Behind a Claim

Around 153 people die of a traumatic brain injury in the U.S. every day, and many more sustain head injuries with a profound affect on their futures. Many head injuries can even worsen to traumatic brain injuries.

If you or someone you love is wondering whether they have grounds to make a personal injury claim, understanding the science behind traumatic brain injuries may make that decision a little easier to make.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

By far, the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries is falling. Around half of all head injuries occur in this way, with many happening in the workplace. The construction industry is particularly risky for falls, as workers tend to be doing their job at a height, or may fall down ladders or other equipment. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2raxGjX

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Leading Causes of Wrongful Death Cases, According to an Attorney

Not all accidental deaths can be pegged as wrongful. Particular conditions are required before the court can decide in your favor. An attorney notes that proof of irresponsibility on the part of another person or entity is required before the event can be ruled a wrongful death.

The pecuniary suffering of surviving family members can be defined as loss of support, services, and a diminished prospect of inheritance for the surviving loved ones. To determine the pecuniary loss, the court must consider several factors such as age, earning capacity, life expectancy, and overall health of the victim.

It might seem simple, but the actual determination is quite challenging. For example, if the victim is an adult wage earner with two young dependents, the pecuniary loss must be calculated to include not only the loss of income, but the more intangible parental guidance. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2roQvxp

Help Your Personal Injury Lawyers by Staying Off Social Media After an Accident

In today’s world, not a day passes by without someone posting a picture or update on their social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. While this is great for keeping up to date with what friends and family are doing, it can be detrimental if you’re pursuing a personal injury claim.

It’s no secret that suffering any kind of personal injury can be life-altering and can cause serious financial hardships. Some would even consider it as a common practice to post something on social media to ask friends for help or advice. The itch to log into your social media profiles might seem unavoidable, but personal injury lawyers have a certain word of warning, especially if you’re pursuing compensation from an injury.

The Defense Want to See

The rise in social media use has prompted new challenges during legal battles, with lawyers realizing the potential benefits of being able to see the social media profiles of the accuser. Even if your profiles are set to private, there are still ways for the defense to have a look at what’s been posted. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2pPiViS

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Possible Consequences of California’s Updated Construction Laws, According to an Attorney

Suing a contractor or builder for a construction accident can be nasty, if not downright deadly. According to a 2015 report published by the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 21.4% of work-related accidents happen in construction sites. The report further revealed that, 2015 alone, one out of five work-related deaths were construction-related with falling from a certain height tagged as the leading cause of personal injuries and death.

While the Occupational and Safety Administration (OSHA) has already provided a list of accepted standards and regulations in terms of work safety, an attorney in Los Angeles also points out that the newest California construction law sponsored by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is also likely to give workers and innocent bystanders an edge in their pursuit for compensation sustained in a construction-related accident. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qPwnaK

A Comprehensive Guide to Seeking a Construction Accident Attorney

On average, two construction workers are fatally injured each day in the U.S., while many more suffer from minor injuries. While there are many guidelines in place to protect these workers from harm, the nature of their work contains much risk. If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, consider hiring a construction accident attorney to help you seek proper compensation.

What Constitutes a Construction Accident? 

Basically, you’ve experienced a construction accident after suffering any accident at work, especially if you work in any part of the construction industry—be it mining, forestry, quarrying, or the building trade.

Injuries can range from minor wounds to life-changing impairments. The more prevalent injuries affecting one's life include those to the back and neck, the loss of limbs, impact to the brain, and deafness, though any serious injury can be filed in a claim. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2raHomy

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Important Facts a Brain Injury Attorney Wants You to Know About Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are usually thought of in terms of what you see on outtake programs on TV, but the reality is far more serious. Slips and falls are often the result of negligence on the part of the manager or owner of the premises where the accident took place.

Injuries are common when it comes to slips and falls, with over 540,000 of these injuries resulting in hospitalization. Unfortunately for some people, slips and falls, especially in areas like construction sites, result in brain injuries. This is because their head has struck an object on the way down or hit a hard surface on landing. If you believe someone else is responsible for your brain injury due to negligence or liability, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

If you have suffered a brain injury as a result of a fall, make sure you understand these points about making a personal injury claim to fully inform and protect yourself. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2rapNv4

Traumatic Brain Injuries are Hard-Fought Battles, Says a Lawyer

The severity of traumatic brain injury can range from mild to severe cases. Typically, special tests are conducted to determine whether a patient suffers a TBI or not. Unfortunately, the mild cases rarely show visible signs of TBI. Furthermore, diagnostic tests such as the CT scan and MRI are not enough to detect mild TBI.

While there are new tests that show promising results with regards to accurately diagnosing mild TBI, these tests are very expensive and are usually not covered by your health insurance. With these, most patients suffering from this injury are often misdiagnosed and are improperly treated.

Like any other personal injury case, the burden of proof for a TBI case lies with the plaintiff. Copies of medical history and treatment are submitted to the court as evidence of the injury. However, if medical diagnostic tests don’t produce accurate results, it will be hard for any personal injury lawyer to prosecute your case. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2roXkid

Monday, April 17, 2017

An Attorney Explains How to Best Support Your Insurance Claim

Everyone assumes that their insurance company will be there to help them financially after falling victim to a traumatic situation, such as burglary, medical emergency, or property damage. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, with claims of up to one in seven people being denied. When you’ve trusted that things will be taken care of in the event of a claim, and paid your premiums faithfully, this can be painful to hear.

If your insurance company is making things difficult by delaying payment, offering unacceptable amounts, or refusing your claim altogether, there are a few things you can do to support your claim and bring about a positive resolution.

Hire an Attorney

It’s always a good idea to engage the services of an attorney right from the start of an insurance claim. Legal assistance helps guide you on the proper steps to take in filing your claim. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2raL3kh

A Lawyer Provides Basic Facts on California’s Lemon Law to Consumers

If you are planning to buy a car in California, it helps to know about consumer’s rights in case you end up with a lemon. An experienced lawyer advises that car shoppers are further protected by the Song-Beverly Warranty Act, aside from federally recognized Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

The Song-Beverly Act requires the car manufacturer or its representative within the state (i.e. the dealer) to promptly replace or return the purchase price to the buyer in case that they fail to service or repair the unit to meet the terms of an express written warranty after a reasonable number of tries.

There is no clearly defined number for the term ‘reasonable number of repair attempts’. However, the law assumes that four repair attempts to fix same defect is already unreasonable. This number is reduced to two if the defect can cause serious injury or death. It’s also assumed that the reasonable number of attempts is reached if the vehicle is left for more than 30 days in a repair shop. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qPCrQl

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles Explain the Basic Stages in Filing a PI Case

According to a California Court Statistics Report, around 50,000 personal injury and wrongful death cases were filed in the Superior Court in 2016 alone. The most common types of personal injury claims are cases that include motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, and animal bites.

Despite the fact that personal injury claims can take various forms, the basic steps that a plaintiff has to take remains the same.

Determine If You Should File A Personal Injury Case

Claims can only be successful if there are acceptable grounds for filing one in the first place. Before anything else, you need to find and consult with a personal injury lawyer to determine whether you have sufficient grounds to file a case or not.

A personal injury lawyer will ask you about the circumstances that led to your injury. During the initial interview, the lawyer will begin asking about details of your injury and its current status. He will also gather relevant information such as your medical history, insurance coverage, and facts regarding your medical treatment. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qPKn3U

Strange Laws in California That Lawyers in Los Angeles Want You to Know About

While you hope that every law in California makes perfect sense and stops people being exploited, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, there are odd quirks in the law that must be paid attention to, as well as certain laws being open to manipulation and others making no sense at all.

These facts about California laws, shared by lawyers in Los Angeles, certainly make interesting reading for those who want to know whether certain actions are legal.

Be Careful With Personal Injury Claims

If you sustain an injury and you believe another party should be held liable, you can make a personal injury claim. While lawyers tend to examine cases and only represent those with firm legal standing, it has been known for people to bring strange cases to court under the guise of liability and negligence. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2pPFpju

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Personal Injury Attorney Explains the Basics of California’s Animal Bite Law

There are a variety of ways in which a personal injury case might arise. When it comes to these claims, you might immediately picture life-threatening injuries incurred from vehicular and workplace accidents. Did you know, however, that you may claim for compensation after sustaining injuries caused by dog bites?

According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, California has the highest total dog bite injury claims in the country with insurance companies paying a total of $64.7 million to plaintiffs. Even the U.S. Postal Services counted 80 out of the 200 dog bite attacks involving their Los Angeles employees in the previous year alone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that one in every 5 five animal bite cases become infected with bacteria such as those that exhibit symptoms of rabies and tetanus. This is compounded by the fact that most dog bite-related hospital visits cost 50% higher than any other personal injury-related case. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2roZq1P

A Personal Injury Attorney Advises Why it’s Best Not to Represent Yourself in Court

Every year, more than 28 million people visit the ER due to unintentional injuries, and a good deal of those are through the fault of another. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you could be entitled to file a personal injury claim. Some common situations people find themselves in include auto accidents and injuries at work, although any damage you sustain that someone else is liable for could be a personal injury case.

If you’ve been injured, you may be thinking about proceeding with a claim, and whether you should represent yourself or hire a personal injury attorney to help you. It’s generally advised not to self-represent in a personal injury case, and here are the reasons why.

Understanding Legal Jargon

Unless you’ve studied law or a related subject, you’re unlikely to fully understand all the legal terms used during a claim and settlement. As well as this, you’ll need medical evidence of your injuries, and it’s important to have a sound medical knowledge to be able to interpret and explain the extent of your injuries properly. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2raL1ZH

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What to Do About Suspicious Deaths at Sea According to a Wrongful Death Attorney

Seamen have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Not only do they have to do a lot of heavy lifting, but they are exposed to harsh environments that can be fatal. In addition to these elements, these ship’s crew may be exposed to different types of unsafe working conditions that may result in their death. If this has happened to one of your family members, take as much time as you need to gather your wits about you and then consider your legal options.

Handling Emotions

Losing a loved one because of someone’s mistake is hard to cope with, particularly regarding your emotions. You’re likely to experience extreme sadness, depression, and anxiety, all of which are perfectly normal during this difficult time. Your best course of action is to take adequate time to grieve, even if this means taking several weeks off from work or school. Surround yourself with family and focus on positivity, rather than hate. Avoid making decisions, especially legal ones, till you have your emotions under control. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What You Need to Do Regarding Medical Malpractice, According to a Wrongful Death Lawyer

The medical field has come a long way, both in terms of technological advancements and treatment methods available to patients. That said, it’s not perfect. According to statistics, between 25,000 and 120,000 deaths caused by medical malpractice happen annually. If you and your family are faced with this situation, you may be looking at a wrongful death case. Here are some aspects you need to consider before heading to trial.

Getting Appointed

The first part of this process is getting appointed by the state that handles wills and estates. It will determine whether you can represent the deceased’s interests in pursuit of monetary compensation. Before getting appointed, though, you first need to reach out to other surviving members of the deceased. It may be siblings, children, spouses, or domestic partners. If any of them object, you must attend a hearing in which the court will have the final say. Read more from this blog:

Monday, April 10, 2017

How You and a Wrongful Death Lawyer can Effectively Cope with a Car Accident

No one ever wants to be in a car accident, but they inevitably happen. It’s estimated that around 20-50 million people are injured from car crashes annually. In addition to the damage they do to your vehicle, you may become disabled as well and therefore unable to return to work. If you are involved in a serious car accident, there are important steps you should take.

Stay at the Scene of the Crime

If you get hit and everything seems to be okay, you might be inclined to drive off because no one was hurt. This can get you in serious legal trouble, as you could be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to stop and render aid. If you are found guilty of leaving the scene, you may have to pay hefty fines, lose your license, and possibly go to jail. No matter how the accident looks, always stay put until an officer can arrive to document the accident and file a report. Read more from this blog:

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Wrongful Death Attorney Lists Questions You Need to Ask Before Filing a Case

In 2008, it was reported that there were 37,261 wrongful deaths on the highway alone. When a person is killed due to the negligence of another, it is considered a case of wrongful death. This happens a lot across many industries too. If you and your family have experienced losing a loved one and you suspect wrongful death, here are important questions to ask during this difficult time.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Who may file a wrongful death lawsuit depends on the state where the deceased person lived. Almost every state allows immediate family members to file. These include the surviving spouse, an adult child, the domestic partner, and even distant relatives. This becomes a problem when multiple family members dispute who should file the lawsuit. Generally, these disputes can only be solved in court so you’ll want to hire a lawyer. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2owlmFH

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keys to Successfully Negotiating a Truck Accident According to a Truck Accident Lawyer

There is nothing more devastating on the road than getting into an accident with a commercial truck. These trucks can have a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds, according to Federal regulations. That’s a lot of weight and force hitting your vehicle. You have the opportunity to settle this type of accident easily if you prepare in the following ways.

Get the Accident Properly Investigated

The first thing you’ll want to do after such a large accident is retain an accident reconstructionist. These experts take a scientific approach as to how or why an accident occurred. They’ll work backwards from the accident, starting with the rest positions of vehicles, collision severity, visibility, and structural damage. You should also take your own photos just in case the trucker or trucking company tries to cover up any evidence. The sooner you act, the less time parties have to destroy or tamper with any of the evidence. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2oQb5qZ

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dealing With a Truck Accident: Factors to Consider According to a Truck Accident Attorney

As a driver, it’s important to watch out for commercial trucks. That’s because truck crashes are more likely to result in fatalities than those involving cars. These wrecks also present unique issues, such proving fault and getting a fair compensation amount. Here are some factors that might have an impact on your accident should you take it to court.

Determining Fault

If you did not cause the accident, you’ll have to determine fault and prove negligence. You must show that the truck driver or trucking company failed to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances that caused the accident and prove you were harmed. This is easier if you start compiling evidence and information as soon as the accident happens. Document damage done to the truck and your passenger vehicle, showing when and where the accident occurred. Take pictures of any injuries you or your passengers may have suffered too. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Personal Steps and Legal Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer for Patients Who Suffer from TBI

Traumatic brain injury is a problem that affects more people than you think. Falls are often the culprit, accounting for 32 percent of these injuries. These injuries are so complex because one moment you may be fine, and then your life may abruptly change in just a few months. Fortunately, there are ways you can deal with this increasingly common problem both personally and legally.

Identify and Monitor Symptoms

TBI can be sorted into three groups depending on severity: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild TBI is generally classified as confusion or disorientation in a period of 30 minutes or less. You’ll typically experience memory and attention problems, headaches, difficulty thinking, and mood swings periodically throughout the day. Because these symptoms are minor, they often go unnoticed and unreported. Other symptoms that might be associated with minor TBI include nausea, loss of smell, slowness in thinking, irritability, depression, and seizures. Read more from this blog:

Monday, April 3, 2017

If You Have TBI You’ll Need Help From Doctors and a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Getting injured on the job will cause you a lot of anxiety, especially if you suffer some sort of traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s estimated that 1.7 million people sustain TBI annually. Even if damage associated with TBI cannot be easily noticed, you still need to get proper medical attention and then consider consulting with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney.

Undergo a Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation is generally recommended after an injury that affects the brain, with the sole purpose of examining the cognitive consequences of brain damage. It consists of three parts: a review of medical records, an interview with you or your family, and the administration of tests that measure abilities and mood. After these areas are assessed, the examiner provides a relevant report that shows how your cognitive and emotional functions have changed. Read more from this blog:

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Burden of Proof and How Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help You Win

Tragedy can strike anytime. And when it does, the death of a loved one is the most devastating thing that can happen. Such a loss is especially harder to accept when the death is a result of an accident in the workplace.

Across America, unintentional deaths are more common than you may realize. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that over 31 million people end up in a hospital's emergency room as a result of unintentional injuries. Moreover, unintentional injuries ranked number four among top causes of death in the country.

Accidents likes this can easily happen in any workplace and when it does, the harsh reality is that surviving family members have to pick up the pieces and try move on with their lives the best way possible. In cases like this, you may be able to file wrongful death claim. Read more from this blog:

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wrongful Death Lawyers Discuss Wrongful Death and How They Can Help

Losing someone you love unexpectedly is understandably difficult. In some cases, unexpected deaths happen as a result of an unforeseen tragedy, an accident that may have been the result of someone's negligence, road accident or even medical malpractice.

In cases like this, your loved one's case can be classified legally as a wrongful death, which also entitles you to a wrongful death claim.

What You Need To Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death claims can go a long way in helping you cope with the unexpected costs related to the passing of your loved one. The first step towards obtaining compensation is to file a wrongful death lawsuit to provide a legally valid reason for your claim.  Read more from this blog: