Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dealing Effectively with STI Incidents

Accidents can happen anytime, anyplace, with a majority of them constituting soft-tissue injury (STI). Such situations often require the services of a personal injury lawyer from Los Angeles to help plaintiffs seek justice.
Soft tissue injury covers damage to tendons, ligaments and muscles in the body. Unlike other injuries such as broken bones, disfigurement and internal injuries that can easily be objectively verified, STIs are harder to prove.
The whiplash effect, for instance, tears soft tissues, and the effects of it can lead to chronic pain later on. Furthermore, the injuries won’t initially show on an X-ray or a diagnostic scan, which is why insurers are often wary of any claims of fabricated (and exaggerated) pain. STI is a strain injury that if aggravated, can lead to symptoms of headaches, stiff neck and sometimes excruciating back movements and nausea. Many whiplash injuries result in chronic pain, joint dysfunctions and herniated discs.
Furthermore, with soft tissue injury cases, plaintiffs are forced to go through a time-consuming and costly trial to win a more reasonable amount for their claims. Insurance companies have become more inflexible with their offers, leaving computers to generate the amount of compensation based on gender, age, race and location, without humane considerations for future medical expenses and complications that many victims experience down the line. Let a personal injury lawyer guide you towards claiming your due.

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