Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where to Turn After TBI

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) changes your life in an instant and the challenges you face now may require a lot of effort to overcome. It is important to remember during this difficult time that you're not alone. There are resources available to you and your loved ones. Here are some of the people you should reach out to after a TBI. You can also find resources here.

An Attorney

If someone else is responsible for causing your TBI, whether directly or through negligence, the services of an attorney can be invaluable. Winning a cash settlement certainly won't fix all of your problems, but it can help you cover the expense of the medical treatments, therapies and equipment you need after TBI.

The Government

TBI sufferers often qualify for federal social security disability benefits to help them keep their finances in order while dealing with their injury. State governments too can often help through programs run by their Department of Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation Services or a similarly named office.

Support Groups

Try to find a local support group or an online meeting place where you can share your story and find hope and encouragement from others living with TBI. Your life changes in some big ways after TBI, and others who have lived through it can help you adjust in ways other simply can't.

Doctors and Therapists

You'll likely get sick of seeing people in white coats after a TBI, but the right combination of doctors and caregivers can help you make great strides. Reach out to all of the specialists you are referred to and let them help you.

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