Monday, October 5, 2015

California Lemon Law Could Cover Your Motorcycle

Lemon laws in Los Angeles not only apply to motor vehicles; these laws also apply to motorcycle purchases. There are laws that protect you from being sold a motorcycle that does not work, or will break down soon after being purchased. 

Potential Compensation and Benefits

If you have purchased a lemon from one of the motorcycle dealerships in Los Angeles, the California Lemon law will not only protect you from being stuck with a motorcycle that does not work, but the manufacturer will be required to pay your attorney fees as well. Even though this law was designed to protect you, do not think for a moment that the manufacturer of the motorcycle will give in easily, because they will not. In fact, most motorcycle manufacturers have a team of lawyers that will fight your claim, hoping to get it denied.

Potential Threats and Warranty Protection

Purchasing a motorcycle that is a lemon could lead to serious safety threats. The defects could be:

• Mechanical issues
• Design issues

If the manufacturer is not able, or fails to fix your motorcycle, it could be labeled as a lemon under California law. You will be protected when you experience problems with your motorcycle that are listed within the warranty, but the manufacturer does not repair.

Good Representation Matters

Since your attorney fees will be paid by the manufacturer if you win your claim, this allows you to hire a reputable attorney that is experienced in this area of the law.

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