Monday, October 5, 2015

The Various Types of Construction Site Accidents

There are a variety of construction accidents that could lead to serious injuries; some accidents could lead to death. Personal injury law covers workers, visitors, and a passerby that are injured due to a construction site accident. Some of the construction site accidents are more common than others; however, an experienced Los Angeles attorney will help you fight for your rights, regardless of the type of accident you have suffered from at a construction site. 

Types of Construction Site Incidents

The most common construction site accidents that could potentially lead to an injury are:

• Roof falls
• Building collapses
• Nail gun accidents
• Electrocution
• Compactor accidents
• Welding accidents
• Fires
• Explosions
• Construction site falls
• Cutting blade or saw accidents
• Falling objects
• Ladder accidents
• and more…

Some Accidents can be Prevented

Even though accidents happen all-of-the-time at construction sites, some of those accidents can be prevented. An experienced attorney could help prove if your personal injury was caused by:

• Improper implementation of safety procedures
• Faulty safety equipment
• Defective machinery
• Inexperienced construction workers
• Structural collapse
• and more preventable reasons…

Seeking Help for your Case

Insurance companies have a team of lawyers that will work hard to refrain from paying you the benefits that you deserve. This includes denying compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, wage loss, and any emotional or mental stress that you have experienced. You will need a dedicated Los Angeles attorney, such as those at D & Z Law Group. Each attorney will assist you in seeking the best possible resolution for the construction accident claim.

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