Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Discusses What to Expect after Filing a Claim

Many legal websites have discussed the definitions, cause for filing, and the subsequent requirements but few ever discusses what a client can expect after filing a case in the California Personal Injury (PI) Court.
Unlike in your favorite television dramas or movies, filing a case may not necessarily result to grand jury trials and illuminating testimonies of expert witnesses. A personal injury attorney from Los Angeles gives some pointers on what to expect when filing a personal injury case in the California court.
What happens after a personal injury case is filed?
The first thing that happens right after you file a complaint is the serving of notification to the defendants in the form of initial pleadings. The complaint must be served to all named defendants and the proofs of service must filed with the Court within 60 days after filing the complaint.  If ever an additional defendant is added to the original complaint, a lead time of 30 days is given for the proof of service to be filed right after the amendment. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2mkR9LK

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