Monday, February 6, 2017

A Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses the Essential Factors Needed Before Filing a Claim

A personal injury case is not as easy as portrayed in myriad procedural dramas on television and in paperback novels. Aside from consuming time and money, the Los Angeles legal process for such cases can prove downright stressful, especially if you are without a seasoned personal injury lawyer to defend your claim.

While some believe the best way to settle a personal injury complaint is to work personally with the other party out of court, there are still some instances that such negotiations are not possible. When an incident results in grave physical injuries, or when negotiating becomes impractical, or when you are trying to seek compensation for non-economic damages, such as mental stress, the court cannot be avoided.

The Right to Sue

First of all, you need to know if you have the right to sue the other party for the damages incurred. This might seem a little too obvious, but some people still forget that in order to file a personal injury complaint in any California judicial court, the injury or damage must happen on their person. A complaint is invalid if filed on behalf of a friend or relative, unless they are legally disabled and you are acting in the capacity of parent, guardian, trustee, or executor.
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