Friday, April 21, 2017

Online Reputation Management Packages Contain Useful Insight in Handling Fake Reviews

You’re used to getting glowing reviews from customers, but one day may come when you log in to Yelp or Foursquare to find a negative comment about your dealership. But more than giving an unfavorable assessment of your business, the review could be a flat-out lie.

What do you do in this scenario? Learn how to deal with online trolls through the tips below.

Do Your Research First

Even if the review is very derogatory, don’t immediately assume that it’s fake. Do your due diligence first by seeing if there is indeed any merit to the person’s complaints. Likewise, do a background check of sorts on the person who gave the negative review. Giveaways that indicate that this person might be a troll include a history of leaving vicious reviews. Oftentimes, they also have thin personal information and a penchant for leaving positive reviews for your competitors.

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