Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dealing With A Construction Accident

Some of the most common injuries that a construction accident attorney has to deal with would include slip-and-fall accidents, injuries brought about by heavy machineries, electrocution, injuries caused by falling debris, and injuries caused by improper use of power tools. Keep in mind that construction accident injuries do not only involved those workers on-site, as even passersby who get hit by a stone or by any of the equipment can also file a case for construction accident.

Where Liability Rests

One of the things that make construction accident injuries all the more complicated is the fact that it can involve a multitude of parties – the landowner, the contractors, the engineering professionals, and the equipment and materials manager. That being the case, filing a construction accident injury claim should entail a thorough understanding on who are the parties connected to the project.

What To Do

If you are involved in a construction accident, you first need to take care of your injuries. As soon as you have applied the necessary first aid, make sure that you inform your employer or your immediate superior about the situation. Do not forget to take down the name and the position of the person you reported it to. You would also need to take down the names, position and contact details of anyone who might have witnessed the accident.

If an equipment is involved in the accident, make sure that you set it aside in order to preserve the evidence. You also need to take pictures of where the accident occurred as well as of any machine that was involved in the accident. Keep a record also of all medical bills that you had to pay.

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