Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mistakes to Avoid When Suing for Personal Injury

Filing a personal injury claim is a complicated legal issue, and costly mistakes are easy to make. Here are some of the most common mistakes that a good lawyer can help you avoid.

Failing to seek treatment – Perhaps the most common misstep of all, victims sometimes tend to fear the cost of medical treatment and choose to avoid a doctor altogether. However, this is completely counterintuitive: personal injury litigation typically requires the victim to show proof of seeking treatment right after an accident. Otherwise, the defendant can easily point out that the victim isn’t injured at all, since the latter failed to present relevant evidence. It’s a simple mistake, but critical nonetheless.

Ignoring medical advice – An individual involved in a personal injury case is always advised to follow their doctor’s advice to the letter, whether it requires commitment to appointments or undergoing a recommended therapy regimen. That being said, undergoing relevant treatment procedures provides a victim with the paraphernalia which can be used as proof of the injury.

Negotiating claims without a lawyer – Experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys aren’t meant to be ignored in such a case. While an attorney isn’t necessarily a requirement to win a claim, having one helps a lot since adjusters typically set the case’s value much lower if a victim isn’t represented. This also opens up a victim to further fraud on part of the adjuster, especially if the former is inexperienced in such dealings.

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