Friday, December 2, 2016

The Downsides of Car-Sharing Services

Car-sharing is a growing trend that gives people the ability to rent a car for a short time for their personal use. This becomes problematic, however, when accidents happen, and for many reasons.

Why Car-Sharing is Problematic

Even though at the surface, these programs seem like a good idea for those not looking to make a long-term commitment, reports have been finding that some car-sharing platforms are providing the minimum for liability insurance, which isn’t enough if the accident is severe.

Just as problematic is people who are renting their vehicle out to users are also not adequately covered. These insurance issues are complicating this ever-growing industry. Adding to the confusion is the question of who should be at fault should an accident happen with one of these rented vehicles.

Actions You Can Take

The best thing you can do before using said programs is to do your research. See how much car insurance is offered, whether you are renting a car or renting one out to others. Also, if you are ever involved in an accident while using these cost-sharing programs, you may want to contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

Even though this industry is new, a qualified attorney can help you through the claims process if severe injuries resulted from the accident. They’ll track down the party at fault and help you receive compensation, for things like medical bills and even mental anguish.

Despite how useful car-sharing is for those looking to save on gas and insurance, it is clear this industry still has room for some improvements. Consult with personal injury attorneys, in the interim, should you get into an accident while using these programs.

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