Friday, September 11, 2015

Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Los Angeles

If convicted, the consequences of a DUI conviction in Los Angeles can be severe, even for first-time offenders. Even without any aggravating factors, these penalties may include three to five years of summary probation and enrollment in a three-month AB541 drug and alcohol program. Some judges may require the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) and/or a $390 fine.

Second-time offenders are subject to increased penalty assessments on their initial fines, enrollment in a DUI school of either 18 or 30 months in length, and suspension of their driving privileges. In some instances, these privileges may be raised to restricted status after 90 days but are subject to the installation of an IID and a chemical test. Second-time offenses carry a 96-hour minimum jail sentence.

Third-time offenders suffer even harsher penalties, with assessments on their fines totaling as much as $2500. Third offender driving school lasts up to 30 months, and the mandatory minimum jail sentence is elevated to 120 days. The suspension of the offender's driver's license is extended to three years, with the opportunity to upgrade to a restricted status after 180 days. Offenders might also be recommended to long-term treatments, like AA meetings or alcohol treatment programs.

An experienced attorney may be able to help minimize the impact of a DUI arrest by helping reduce the sentence.

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