Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Proving Your Brain Injury Claims with Some Help

When filing a brain injury claim, you’ll need solid undeniable proof of your injury, its effects, and who or what caused it. An experienced brain injury lawyer can help round up the needed evidence. Here are some examples of what can help your case.

Choose a competent medical professional
The word ‘competent’ here means that the medical professional must be qualified, well-versed in modern methodologies, and knowledgeable in brain exam tools like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT) scans. Remember that inaccurate reports or improper referrals can negatively impact the credibility of a claim.

Detecting the unseen
Depending on equipment quality and professional competence, damage to the brain may not be apparent since the brain’s function recovers over time. Fortunately, MRI can identify marks of permanent damage such as dead brain tissues, bleeding, and swelling by mapping out traces of iron molecules from micro brain bleeds. 

Before and after pictures to prove TBI
Documents like work records, school transcripts, medical records, and testimonies from family, friends, or colleagues are needed to establish acute changes in brain function, in addition to factual evidence (photographs, videos etc.) directly related to the accident. In addition, a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer can collaborate with an expert to explore the medical condition, the biomechanics of the traumatic event, and supporting literatures. These documents can prove that the symptoms were absent prior to the accident and help rule out all other reasonable causes.

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