Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Rights Against Acquiring a Lemon Car

It’s one of a car buyer’s biggest nightmares to invest in a new car that turned out to be a lemon. To avoid this nightmare, the state of California has enacted ways to protect car buyers from acquiring a lemon for a car with the Tanner Consumer Protection Act.

The act defines a lemon car as one where a manufacturer failed to conform with expressed warranties after numerous attempted repairs. Though the law hasn’t provided the exact number of repairs a car must have undergone, it presumes that a car is a lemon when, within 18 months or if the car has been driven for 18,000 miles, there had either been two attempts to fix serious problems that could potentially harm the driver, four or more attempts to repair recurring problems, or if the car isn’t working for more than 30 days.

Moreover, the problems manifested by the purchased car must substantially impair its use, safety, and value, and should be either purchased or leased in California for personal, business, or family use. Once you have been able to prove that your car is indeed a lemon, you are entitled a replacement or reimbursement from the manufacturer. It also works to seek the help of a skilled attorney when going after a car manufacturer, since he could also help you in determining if you have been a victim of auto dealer fraud.

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