Friday, April 4, 2014

The Law on Spinal Cord Injuries

Of all the personal accident injuries, damage to the spinal cord has to be one of the most devastating. Not only does it injure one of, if not the most important structures of his skeletal system, it can also affect the victim’s nervous system (which could cause temporary or permanent paralysis). Here are some basic facts about these types of cases:

Common Causes

In most cases, spinal cord injuries are caused by force trauma, such as a slip-and-fall accident that leaves the victim flat on his back. Vehicular accidents (whether car or motorcycle) are also some of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries and, sometimes, even fatalities. Gunshot wounds, too, especially when the bullet gets lodged into the area.


Because most injuries to the spine are caused by accidents or falls, personal negligence is one of the main angles that courts tend to look into. Aside from this however, the negligence could possibly fall onto a third party, such as an unruly driver who caused the victim’s car to crash, or a negligent restaurant owner failing to put up a clear sign that the stairs in his establishment are wet, therefore, dangerous.

Defective Products

A defective product could also be another grounds for filing a personal injury claim in relation to spine injuries. For this to be actionable, the victim has to be using the product the way it is supposed to be used, only that it failed anyway, but instead caused him physical injury.

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